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ツォン, • The leader of the Turks

Name: Tseng
Age: N/A (older than 22, that's for sure)
Height: N/A
Birthdate: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Race / Ethnicity: Human
Birthplace: N/A
Occupation: Turk

Tseng, the leader of the Turks in the time of Final Fantasy VII was promoted from his status as second in command in Before Crisis. There is usually one person Tseng gives his loyalty to. In the original game, his loyalty was towards Rufus and before Rufus, Tseng gave his loyalty to Veld, the former leader of the Turks.

His intentions while working with the Turks was to find the Promised Land. Tseng truly believed that the Promised Land would have made the world he lived in better. He had no other motive, and when he discovered that the former President of Shin-ra, Rufus' father, did not share the same motive, his plans fell apart.

Many people were led to believe Tseng died in the original game as he never reappeared in the game. Yes, his body was gone and he did say he was still alive, but there was never any proof or indication on what happened. His reappearance on Advent Children, however, proved he was alive and well.

Also found in the following series: Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Last Order

エアリス ゲインズブール • The Flower Girl in the Slums

Name: Aeris (Aerith) Gainsborough
Age: 22
Height: 5'3"
Birthdate: February 7
Blood Type: O
Race / Ethnicity: Cetra
Birthplace: Icicle Inn
Occupation: Flower Merchant

Aeris, the flower girl in the slums and the last of the Cetra, was born out of Midgar but was taken in Elmyra's care when her birth mother, Iflana, died after escaping from Shin-ra's grasp. Her father, Professor Gast died protecting his wife and daughter from Shin-ra.

From there, Aeris grew up hiding from Shin-ra, the people responsible for killing her parents, while taking care of flowers in an abandoned church. Because Aeris had an ability no one else has, she was found necessary for Shin-ra's search of the Promised Land. The ability that made her "special" was the fact she could hear voices of a different Planet. Tseng claimed that Shin-ra believed if she used her special ability properly, she would be able to find the Promised Land.

She gave her life up to protect the planet and the people she loved. She carried out her duty as a Cetra but repressed her desire to live and be with her friends. Although she died, Aeris always found a way to help her friends in various ways.

Also found in the following series: Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Tactics, Itadaki Street, Kingdom Hearts I & II, On The Way To A Smile: Maiden Who Travelled The Planet

Their complicated relationship of many years

The meeting of the Cetra and Turk was a fateful one. The paths they walked always intersected. The relationship they had was a complex one. The people each person met and grew attached to eventually became familiar with the other person. Although they never officially became friends, they became acquaintances. Even though they weren't friends, the relationship they had developed as both characters grew familiar with each other, but never close enough to become friends. It was his job and her race that prevented them from doing so. If he had another job or if she were a normal person, then the troubles they faced would not exist.
" Aerith’s cooperation is the world’s salvation. Her cooperation means that the world will be a better place for everybody. That’s why I want her cooperation. But… She doesn’t want anything to do with Shin-Ra. "
Tseng -- Before Crisis, chapter 11
For years, he tried reasoning with her, telling her that she would do a great deed in assisting Shin-ra, and asking if she would willingly come with him and return to Shin-ra. It is a possibilty that he developed feelings for her over the years of following her, which could be a part of why he never forced Aeris to return to Shin-ra. Although it was never admitted by the man himself, his fellow Turks, Reno and Rude, were overheard discussing who liked whom and his feelings for "that Ancient" were revealed.
" It doesn’t matter how long it takes. I’ll wait for her as long as I have to. "
Tseng -- Before Crisis, chapter 11
She was special and and so she became one his tasks. He was rational and patient, but that lead him to wait for her for years. Rather than using force, Tseng did not wish to force Aeris to do something against her will as he believed that if she willingly cooperated, then "the world will be a better place for everybody."

Being himself, he planned his actions before he acted. Waiting for her was a part of his plan, and it was a plan he acted on for years because he believed she would have a change of heart and help assist Shin-ra's search for the Promised Land. It was only when Sephiroth became active and disrupted Shin-ra's plans did he dismiss his own plan and take Aeris to Shin-ra against her will.

" I should never have let you go, Aerith. The president was wrong... "
Tseng -- Final Fantasy VII, Temple of the Ancients
After learning that Sephiroth was not looking for the Promised Land, Tseng concluded that taking her to Shin-ra was the start of his "bad luck." He did not take Aeris to Shin-ra to be experimented upon but to have her assist in finding the Promised Land.
" ...Tseng's with our enemy, the Turks, but I've known him since since I was a child... There's not a lot of people I can say that about. In fact, there are probably only a handful of people in the world who really know me. "
Aeris -- Final Fantasy VII, Temple of the Ancients
Their last meeting was in the Temple of the Ancients, where Tseng was found severely wounded by Sephiroth, causing Aeris to cry for him. By shedding tears, it became clear that Aeris had not harbored ill feelings for Tseng as he was someone she became familiar with as she grew up. Tseng was not a stranger to her as she admitted he was someone that really knew who she was. It became clear that Tseng's injury was not lethal as he found was alive and well while helping out Rufus, in Advent Children. Because his supposed death never happened, Aeris did not have a reason to revive him, but if he had died, it is possible she would have revived / healed him.