Layout • the layout now and the layout then

A bit of a warning before you read what I have to say. My writing? It has been said to be confusing, so I hope you understand my long babbling below. You aren't alone if you find yourself confused...

Circle Game is a name of a song sung by Ayaka Hirahara, and the title was what I found suitable for the relationship. Because Tseng continually pursues Aeris and she always gives him the same response, I see that their relationship goes in circles. He goes after her, she refuses, and he leaves her alone temporarily only to return. The word game is also suitable as the relationship they have is not romantic, friendly, or platonic, leaving the two to be stubborn as they refuse to give into the other. They are just two people on opposing sides who are head to head.

Version two is what you see now. In my opinion, it is a great improvement compared to version one, especially content wise, but then I did have a deadline for when I worked on version one. I decided that drawing a layout would never work, especially when I had no idea what to draw and was never satisfied with whatever I attempted to draw. It was difficult finiding the right images to make a layout since Tseng and Aeris don't really have images of the same quality... I spent a lot of time trying to make a layout to the point I drove myself crazy. After experimenting with some images, it was the coding I had a problem with. It took me a while to set the layout up in a way I found interesting and satisfying. I really hope that I won't feel like making another layout for this particular site. I am fond of it and well, I'm fond of the content too.

Version one was made from an image I drew, but since I hated it, I overlayed the image instead so that a silhouette would be created. I wanted to try bright colors, but it is kind of blinding, which is why it needed to be changed. Everything on the layout was drawn by my, and the only thing I'm really proud of is the yellow flower on the left by the title. I wanted to try and draw the yellow flowers that were seen in Advent Children because they were Aeris' flowers.

If you haven't realized, I attempted to draw Tseng and Aeris standing out in the falling snow, but Aeris is sheltered by a large flower while Tseng isn't. There really isn't a story behind it, but I do see Aeris as someone to always give her some kind of shelter while Tseng doesn't really have anyone but himself. It was how I percieved them at the time, but my opinion has changed somewhat.