Reason why • because I adore this relationship

Fictional relationships are one of the things I tend to find myself fawning over. Whether it is a relationship from a movie or a book. Relationships from games have affected me greatly as well. Although it is not quite the romantic relationship fans hope it would be, it is still something relatively close to being romantic. Because Tseng was a part of Shin-ra, Aeris' guard was always up in his presence. He pursued her for years and she kept her guard up for years; in the end neither gave in. I'm sure it was the persistance and determination that made their relationship likeable for me.

They weren't necessarily enemies nor were they lovers, but the bond the two had was one of a kind. To be able to learn characteristics of each other, to speak informally to one another, and to sympathize with one another without the need of a friendship or a romantic relationship is truly amazing.